Ventura Estate Sale in the Presidential Track.


Lots of beautiful art by the following artist’s, 4 Peter Ophein original’s, Nilson Liveedge, Crystal Lockhead wooden sculptor’s, Chuck Puppart Inuit style Soapstone’s, I. Tobuk Wahle bone sculptor of an eagle, Antique wooden hand carved Sumatra Frog Table, Vertical Bookcase signed, M Shafts, Nicki Arrowwood, Majorie Sopkin – Beach Birds, and more, Top of the line BBQ with all the bells and whistles, Large Dolphin wooden sculptor,Hand carved eagle sculptor, yard art, 2 high end compressors, murano glass chandelier, washer and dryer, ladders, table saw, doggy bath, large outdoor planters, couch, metal wall art, bamboo hall table, games table with chairs, xbox, burgandy leather recliner, vintage metal storage compartments, 2 mid century modern chairs just bought two months ago, sharper image massage chair, couch, bear coffee table, kitchen items, knick knacks and so much more.
















  1. I get a message on an expensive sword, but it does not say what it is. I collect Japanese swords and would be interested if that is what it is. I do not resell. I need to know which sale the sword would be or you can call or e-mail me. I am likely headed to Burbank today. Larry


  2. Thanks Claudio and Maggie for a really fun week long Sale!!! It was a blast and great deals to be dug out. Literately. Hugs, to you both, Mary


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