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We are bonded through Western Surety Company and our insurance policy is through Liberty Mutual. We have been the busiest estate sale liquidator in Ventura County for the last 6 years. To set up your FREE consultation please contact us directly on our cellular phone or our business line .  Our email address is info@sellingyourestate.com.

IMPORTANT:  There are many estate sale companies that are operating as a full service company.  Make sure they are licensed, insured, bonded, operating website, excepting credit cards, checks and have good reviews.  We pay TAXES and do all of the following above and many of our competition do not.  If the estate sale commission rate is low, be very leery because you are allowing people into your home and you have no way of knowing what is sold and for how much and if it was really sold. I know of many horror stories and the clients are not aware of the situations.  I am privy to the stories because I know a lot of the pickers (buyers) and they have related stories of clients being taken advantage.  I just added this paragraph February 26, 2017.

Best wishes,

Claudio & Margaret de Medeiros

Business Address:

734 Via Ondulando, Ventura

California 93003
Ventura County Business License #6137403
Realtor Licenses #01920451 & #01919598

Business/Home Telephone: 805.642.2472   NO CALLS AFTER 7PM, THANK YOU.***

Cellular Phone: 805-881-8801



  1. Hi Claudio, Wow ! What service. Thank you so much for dropping off the Xmas tree stand. I looked for whatever would go in the grooves, but did not find anything. The stand makes it much easier to put up then finding a mini tree stand. I can’t believe you remembered I was the one who bought the tree. Guess it is because I bought a lot of pink. Still, excellent memory.

    Not getting anything from your sale this weekend, not my style. In fact I am having a sale this weekend to get rid of some of my larger items that I don’t.need. I will see you in Santa Paula, can;t wait for that sale.

    Again, thank you, so considerate.


  2. I contacted Claudio on short notice to help with the estate sale of my cousin. Claudio and his team did a terrific job in maximizing the return for my cousin ( who we put in a senior living facility). I’m a busy man and never physically met Claudio however he lived up to and exceeded what he thought he could do. I normally don’t conduct a transaction like this without physically looking someone in the eye but I assure you that he is a man of his word which today is uncommon. He managed to quickly put together an estate sale, attract customers and leave my cousin with some additional funds that she definitely needed. If you are looking for a professional that knows what he is doing, look no further. I highly recommend them and this is only the second time in my life I have felt compelled to take the time to recommend a company. Thank you Claudio for making this painless and for doing a terrific job!
    Best regards,
    Jim K.


      1. Thanks Maggie, I tried it again today but still nothing. I’ll have to check to see what program it takes to open your videos. What program are you using.

        Thanks and hope to see you on the 14th



  3. Hi again I am looking for a high End traditional iron patio set that would seat at least 8 please keep me in mind if you come across one thank you Debbie A


    1. Are you looking for a small two seater? I have two, one metal, very old fashion with a mosaic pattern and the other is a replica of metal but plastic.


  4. Hello Claudio & Maggie, I hope you don’t mind but I posted your estate sale which starts tomorrow on my Facebook page so my friends could join me in buying all your great items, but I need to know the time and address so I can be one of the first in line tomorrow. Thanks Gina


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